School Asset Labels

Also referred to as: Security Labels, Asset Tags, Serial Number Labels, Equipment Labels I.D Labels and Barcode Labels.

What a school has to consider when buying asset labels…

  • Durability
  • Wear and Tear (abrasion, rubbing etc)
  • Casual picking, attempted removel
  • Numbering system (Barcode, QR code, No.)
  • Design – Logo/No Logo etc

The most popular choice to meet all these requirements are tamper-proof ultra-destructible vinyl asset labels

Having supplied samples of our range of labels to hundreds of schools, colleges, academies and universities over 95% choose to purchase to purchase the ultra-destructible asset label. This is usually after extensive testing of the samples to ensure they meet their requirements.

After Testing a wide range of destructible materials, we chose the best product for the job. The material had the best combination of long term adhesion, durability and print quality combined with being able to apply it without breaking it up. This performance far exceeded cheaper alternatives.

A few common questions have been…

What can we include on our label?

Almost anything with only size restricting the design, our most common layouts are.


School Asset Label with logo and barcode

School Asset Label with logo and QR Code

School Asset Label with Property Of with a number or barcode

How are they supplied?

The labels are manufactured in A4 sheets, identified by part number and packed for quantities over 500 in a bespoke A4 Box for storage. Labels are then despatched via a tracked next day service on DPD.

What is the start number for my asset label?

You can select any number you choose including Prefixes, suffixes or independant URL’s if using a QR code.  We keep records of all labels made and will check that any further orders ‘run on’ from previous asset labels orders to avoid duplication.

Do I need to pay when ordering asset labels?

Custom Labels offer all UK educational establishments a net 30 day account.