Asset Tag Design

The design of an asset label or asset tag and can be as simple or as complicated as the customer desires. There can be a number of limiting factors that need to be decided before ordering your asset labels.

Logo or No Logo?

If the label is to be only used within an organisation and not seen by customers, visitors or other parties the standard ‘Property of’ design will fit the bill. These labels can still incorporate a unique serial number, barcode or QR code if required.

Alternatively more organisations are adding a company logo, school crest or other symbols to increase company profile or personalise the asset tags so that they are instantly recognisable. These are now available in full colour with the ability to have very fine detail included on small labels. This is becoming increasingly popular with Multi Academy Trusts (MAT’s) where they retain their own identity but share assets.


What Size Asset Label?

This is not so easy where you have a large variety of items from USB sticks to large machinery where you want the asset label to still be noticeable. Our most popular size is 40x20mm, although this may be a little large for the aforementioned USB stick. Also how much information do you want to include on the asset label? A barcode or QR code, organisation’s full name, post code or if you want a logo, is it long and thin, round or square? 

Custom Labels Ltd have graphic designers with the experience to layout the label to meet all those requirements at no extra cost. Labels can include both barcodes and QR codes on the same label with the QR linking to a company website and the barcode identifying the individual item, alternatively we are manufacturing asset labels with  independant URL’s that link directly to a secure site that has been set up to have a unique page with the items details and even a picture to help identification.


A number? A QR Code or a Barcode?

In the early days of asset tagging it was just a reference number, then with the advent of portable data capture units and the ability to remotely scan items barcodes were introduced onto the asset tag. A different code type would be used depending on the size of the label and the length of the identification number used. For long numbers on a small label a code 128 is used for smaller numbers the stanard would be a code 39.

This progressed onto the use of 2D codes of which the best known are Datamatrix and QR, these codes allowed more information to be stored in a reliable way with mobile phones providing an instant method of scanning. Our customers will tend to just use a number if they have less than one hundred assets, only use a barcode  if the asset database is a direct number reference and  a QR code if the database is stored on the cloud and has interactive asset management.