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Durable Asset Tags

Laminated 3M Polyester Asset Labels used by councils, goverment agencies, hospitals and the private sector for a quality professional solution to Asset Tagging equipment.

Ultradestruct Vinyl Asset Labels

Asset Labels manufactured from Ultradestruct Vinyl are used by Schools, Acadamies, Colleges and Universities where tampering may be a problem.

Asset Labels with a Logo

Quality asset labels manufactured from 3M White or Silver Polyester laminated with scratch resistant polycarbonate. 

Under Surface Printed Asset Labels

Our ‘Ultimate’ Asset Label combines full colour under surface print with a Hi Tack 3M Adhesive for the best full colour asset label on the market !

Asset Labels & Tags
Asset Identification Information

It is important that all businesses and institutions have an up to date asset register with all equipment, tools and relevant products identified and valued with the information held on a central database. Recent legislation requires educational establishments to have a comprehensive list of all their assets due to financial accountability.

Asset Labels and Asset Tags have been the preferred method of identification for many years as the easiest method  to implement. Using quality materials is the only option as the need for durability, consistency and adhesion more than outweighs the cost of replacing missing labels and re-tracing equipment can sometimes cost more than the asset itself.

Affixing asset labels or asset tags utilising serial numbers, bar codes or more recently QR codes with a unique reference printed on them allows the number to be logged in a database providing details of the item including location, value, date purchased and even a maintenance schedule…. All this from the single unique reference on the asset label!

Asset Labels can be produced with additional labels having the same number as part of a set, these can be used for paperwork or additional parts of the same equipment. ‘Mark & Seal’ asset labels can be supplied for you to add your own reference at the time of asset label application.

Custom labels Ltd have supplied Asset Labels for a wide range of applications including tracking unused furniture, photography equipment, hire equipment including stage lights and cables as well as digital film masters. Custom Labels Ltd use only the highest quality materials providing a range of options to suit each customer’s requirements, although we offer a budget range we recommend using one of the premium products to ensure you have the durability and chemical resistance required.

Label Material Options

Under Surface Printed
Asset Labels

This ultra durable label has a scratch resistant face material of mark resistant vinyl with under surface UV resistant full colour printing. A 3M 468 permanent adhesive is applied that will cure to provide a strong bond to most difficult surfaces including wood, enamel and powder coated products.

This could be referred to as a plastic asset label / tag as the look and feel is of a semi rigid label, although the material has higher levels of temperature tolerance and abrasion resistance.

For best performance labels should be stuck on a clean surface and left to cure for 7 days. This asset label out performs all standard labels and is comparable in performance with costly anodised aluminium tags.  

Ultra Destruct Vinyl Asset Labels

Hundreds of Schools, Colleges, Academies and Universities have chosen the fragmenting vinyl asset label as it is very difficult to remove. The nature of the material prevents relocation making it an ideal choice for difficult environments.

The Ultra Destruct vinyl labels are also suitable for warrantied products or loan equipment where substitution may be a problem. After it is affixed to the product the asset label once cured will prove impossible to remove in one piece with only fragments available if ‘Picked’.

Hi-Performace 3M Polyester Asset Labels

Not a cheap asset label, but an alternative to expensive aluminium asset tags, the strong adhesive and durable finish make the silver polyester asset labels a durable market leader.

The ‘Strong Bond’ adhesive improves with time and as the adhesive cures over a period of days a permanent bond is formed. 3M laminated polyester labels are available printed in 2 colours.

Other materials are available by request – Call 01278 433 800

VOID Polyester Asset Labels

This material is used to used to provide a ‘Security Void’ message from the materials adhesive if the label is tampered with.

If removed the word ‘VOID’ will be left on the product and the label will also have the message repeated across the label preventing relocation.